I love finding lost nuggets old media. Old songs that don't get spoken of with the same nostalgia as Ring of Fire or Stairway to Heaven. Long forgotten VHS tapes of shows and sporting events. My dad had hundreds of them from his time in the military, we'd tape sporting events while he was stationed overseas, and then he'd binge when he got home. I'm not even joking. When we cleaned out his place after he passed, he still had those tapes. So if anyone wants to watch the Miller Genuine Draft 500 from 1991, it's in a landfill in Kansas somewhere. Rusty Wallace won. Hashtag spoiler alert.

ANYWAY! Someone on YouTube, let's call him John Powell, because that's his username, has uploaded some videos of some old commercials taped off of KHQA in 1989. It's about 12 minutes long, but you catch some great national, regional and local ad campaigns, including old County Market, Merkels and Ron's Tire ads. There's even a news promo featuring Steve Felde (at the 7:30 mark). March 10th was a Friday in 1989, just like it is this year, and back then, KHQA, a CBS affiliate, would have been airing Dallas and Falcon Crest. So if you taped those because Miami Vice was on WGEM (it was), watched them later and fast forwarded through the commercials, here's what you missed all those years ago.

Take a memory trip down memory lane above. Or if you taped Star Wars: Return of the Jedi over on WGEM on Sunday March 19th of 1989, he's got a video of their commercials up, too. It's from just before that episode of ALF where had an ant farm aired.

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