Let's say you're looking for a movie to watch for Valentine's Day. And let's say you're not QUITE the film aficionado I am. Or even some other people are. You've never really watched a romantic comedy, and you're looking for a good starting point. Why not the most popular romantic comedy in your state, according to google search trends?

Rom Com Map

The folks at Decluttr have analyzed Google search trends and figured out the most popular romantic comedy in each state. Not surprisingly, states tend to search for movies set in said state. Alaska searches for The Proposal. Washington searches for Sleepless in Seattle. New York searches for When Harry Met Sally. Illinois' favorite rom-com is the Chicago set My Big Fat Greek Wedding. While Missouri's preferred rom-com is the Tom Hanks starring Splash, with Iowa going for Sweet Home Alabama.

Now you know what to search for at the video store, or on streaming sites, when trying to pick a movie tonight.

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