I guess technically this is a UFO, but it's unlike any other sky phenomena that I've ever seen. It's video of some type of mysterious black shape that was just seen hanging in the sky over Chicago.

I have a conventional theory, but before I share that see what you think of this just shared video of the object seen over Chicago.

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So far I haven't seen an official UFO report on MUFON for this strange object. If this is legit, there is no doubt gonna be many who come forward to describe what they saw especially if it really was near a metro area as big as Chicago.

The one conventional explanation would be a drone. The "hanging" of the object COULD be a drone with a camera beneath capturing some type of commercial video. Do I think it's a drone? It doesn't look like any drone I've seen is all I'll say.

With videos like this, I like to peruse the comments on YouTube to see if anyone else has an explanation. Along with some theories, there is also plenty of comedians like this guy.

Rockpile Ranter - "Looks like my missing protractor."

I can now only see a protractor. Thanks, Rockpile. It seems like this guy is questioning the drone theory like me:

Gerry Michaud - "It looks like some kind of instrument package hanging from a balloon"

If you replace "balloon" with "drone", that's what I think is most likely, too. No matter what this object really is, it's certainly a strange sight over a big city like Chicago.

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