I think I know what a guy saw over Sikeston, Missouri recently. He doesn't. If I'm right, it's a planet. If he's right, it's a UFO. Either way, it completely freaked him out.

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A guy named Jamie shared this interesting object on YouTube a few days ago. here's how Jamie described what he saw:

UFO over sikeston missouri march 12 2022. It's not a planet!

Jamie and I disagree on the planet thing, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt and watch his video. NOTE: almost all of the audio is NSFW as Jamie was very surprised (in a cursing kind of way) about what he witnessed.

My observations now. The changing sizes looked like whatever zoom lens he was dealing with on his camera, but he said he saw it changing sizes with his own eyes, so I believe him.

My first gut instinct was that this was a planet visible, but I'd need to know which direction he was facing in Sikeston to determine which one it might be. It doesn't appear to be moving much if any to me, but he is convinced it is.

We can rule out a plane or weather balloon as whatever it is floating in the night sky is much too large to be either one. I'm still going for planet, but Jamey is convinced it's not although he does admit that it will likely be in the sky the next day (meaning it's a planet), but that's just my opinion. Judge for yourself.

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