Last week, I brought you the bombshell information that Quincy was a hotbed of UFO activity way back in the year 2011, but nary an alien spacecraft has been seen since. Presumably they got what they were looking for. That was seven whole years ago, surely aliens have visited more recently than 2011, right? Well... if you're in Hannibal, then yes. May 5th to be exact. National Comic Book Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Kentucky Derby Day, if we're talking noteworthy events that also happened on that day. Much like last week, this refers to the National UFO Reporting Center, and specifically all the Missouri reports. Now some music to set the mood.

A man reported a strange cluster of hundreds of lights darting around at breakneck speeds, dashing across the river, and heading north and west. What could it have been? I don't know. But I always default to aliens. Those were described as "reddish white," but not having any real defined shape. Though he did mention looking like boomerangs, which are triangular. Three days prior, a triangle shape of reddish orange lights was seen over the Mississippi as well.

Before those two incidents, there was a report of fire in the sky back in 2013, but no accompanying smoke on the water, so I don't know what to make of it. Ten years before that there was a brightly lit object in low earth orbit. But that's so far still unidentified.

What strikes me as funny is all the reports for Warrensburg, MO. For those who are unfamiliar with their Missouri geography from that side of the state, Warrensburg is a mere 10 miles from Whiteman Air Foce Base, which has long been home to the B2 Stealth Bomber. Which I guess could be mistaken for an alien space ship. But you'd think people living that close to Whiteman would know better.

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