There was a recent video over Missouri that was strange even by UFO standards. Not only was it a bright spinning cube, but it was also hovering over a very unique location. Eyewitnesses claim it was over a Springfield "adult establishment". (*ahem*)

This UFO over Missouri happened late last year. Here's what the original guy who shared the video had to say in his post on YouTube:

I watched this object fly across Springfield Mo from airport to airport in a large V flight path stopping over downtown briefly. I was in rush hour traffic and was only able to pull over for a moment to catch this video. I watched this object in total for about 3 mins while I drove home from work before is disappeared from sight to the north west.

This is his phone video from that day.

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A follow-up to that video came from a channel called The Secret Knowledge discussing the location of the sighting.

It begs the question was this aliens spying on the ladies or were they auditioning for a pole dancing job with the spinning routine? Mulder and Scully would like to know. That would REALLY add new meaning to the show The X-Files, wouldn't it?

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