There's nothing more special than watching kids light up with joy this time of year. Well, one little girl from Illinois was not going to let Mr. Grinch steal her fun.

We all know the character, the famous Mr. Gritch, who also tries to steal Christmas. Well, one family didn't let that happen. This video was recently recorded of a little girl who noticed Mr. Grinch in her front yard and wanted her dad (who's a police officer) to get him.

Turns out it was just the little girl's uncle who wanted to prank her and see how she would react to seeing the grinch. It was all fun and the little girl did really well. She was not about to let the Grinch steal her Christmas.

Watching her run all through the house trying to get the Grinch to want to see her reaction is priceless. Both the mom and uncle wanted to see her facial expression and if she would cry or get scared, but you can see she just wanted him gone and her dad to get him.

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