The word is that Missourians could see the return of an awful invasive worm this year. It looks like a combination of a hammerhead shark and a worm and it's really bad news.

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Credit to Only In Your State for this heads up. They warn of the hammerhead flatworm and Missouri is one of the hotspots that could see this vile creature this year. Inside Edition profiled these weird looking creatures and described the damage they potentially can do.

So these bad boys are harmful to earthworms and earthworms are needed for soil health as the USDA points out. They say that "no other living organism in the soil is as important as an earthworm in helping to increase soil health. Earthworms increase soil aeration, infiltration, structure, nutrient cycling, water movement, and plant growth".

Only In Your State recommends killing these flatworms if you see them in your garden. They advise to not try and cut them in half since that only helps them to reproduce. They say to never touch a hammerhead flatworm with your skin, but to kill them by containing them with salt and vinegar until they dissolve.

Bob Vila agrees with this approach to getting rid of these worms if you encounter them. They are definitely not a beast you want populating your land. You'll definitely want to be careful if you do indeed see one of these invasive worms.

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