The footage of this massive buck in Southern Illinois is clear as day, as it makes its way through a farmer's field! Is this the biggest buck you've seen this season?

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This video was uploaded on YouTube only THREE days ago on October, 30th 2021, by a YouTube channel called Kapper Outdoors. The channel has thousands of subscribers and tons of videos of wildlife, farming, and everything outdoors, but it was this recent video that caught my eye. I mean look at the size of that thing! In the description of the video, Kapper Outdoors says this...

"Just thought I'd help get you guys and gals motivated for this years deer hunting season!... I've been working on our Southern Illinois hunting land for about 6 years now, and I never thought I'd ever own a piece of land that I could video a buck of this magnitude on!!"

The video is only two minutes and forty seconds long and shows with such clarity this monster of a buck. Now I am no buck hunter, but I don't remember ever seeing a deer like this walking around central and southern Illinois. It is exactly the type of buck that I would be absolutely horrified to see standing in the middle of the highway late at night, that thing isn't going to just leave a dent in my truck, it is going to total it if I were to hit it. Have you experienced hunters ever seen a big buck like this roaming around southern Illinois before?

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