Do you believe we are not alone? For centuries, there have been documented UFO sightings in America, but there is one town in Illinois that claims they have some of the most in the nation.

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Located in the southern part of Illinois you will find Norris City. It is a small town of 1,252 people and is considered a gathering place to search for UFOs. 247 Tempo reports that the city has reported 27 known UFO sightings.

  • Reported UFO sightings per capita: 1,997.0 per 100,000 residents
  • All reported UFO sightings: 27
  • Total population, 2022: 1,352

In researching I could not find any official documentation of any stories of UFOs in Norris City, but I did find a few for Illinois.

2004 - Tinley Park

This sighting took place on Halloween Night. It is said that people were out trick-or-treating and looked up to see red lights above them. Of course, they started filming and recording what they were seeing.

November 2006 - Chicago

According to sources, United Airlines employees and pilots saw a space-like-saucer over the Chicago International Airport

Illinois is the 22nd highest state for those who like searching for UFOs. There are over 4,000 sightings in the Land of Lincoln. Whether you believe in UFOs or not, there are several reports of what people think are those from another "world."

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Gallery Credit: Nicole Caldwell & Matt Albasi

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