Drew Brees is officially retired, so does he belong as a top 10 QB of All Time? Here is my list of the ten best.

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Whenever a legend retires it is big news, Drew Brees has officially retired from the NFL and will be doing commentary work for NBC Sports. Now that Brees has played his final snap it is time for us to look back at his career and figure out where he ranks all time in the greats. This is a classic sports debate, so here is my official (as of 3/15/21) rankings of the 10 best Quarterbacks in NFL history.

Honorable Mention: Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, Dan Fouts, Otto Graham, Joe Namath, Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, Bart Starr, Warren Moon.

10 - Steve Young, he is what every GM in the NFL is currently looking for. Young had to follow in the footsteps of a legend and was a legend himself. Tough as nails, great feet, and will be replaced on this list soon enough by Russel Wilson and Patrick Mahomes two guys who play a lot like him.

9 - John Elway, Elway worked his way to Denver on draft day and never left. Winning two Super Bowls to cap off a career which was already hall of fame worthy, went to 5 Super Bowls. Competitor, relentless, big arm, extremely mobile, 15 year career, he is currently a top 10 guy all time, but could be on the outskirts looking in on this list in 15 years.

8 - Johnny Unitas, This is the one legend of the game (began his career pre Super Bowl era) that deserves to be remembered by all future younger generations. He put up Marino level stats wayyyyy before the passing era of the late 80s to now. He played from 1956-1973 and has more yards than Kurt Warner, and more TD passes than Montana. And is a 3 time MVP

7 - Aaron Rodgers, he may be low on my list for some of you but this is my ranking for everything these QBs have accomplished as of (3/15/21) Rodgers is a freak, he throws the best football in NFL history, for him to move up higher on this list when he hangs them up I need more big time wins from him. He is 1/1 in Super Bowls, and just got beat by Brady in Green Bay.

6 - Drew Brees, I have Brees ahead of Rodgers based purely on stats, and leadership. Brees is #1 or #2 is every legit stat you measure QBs, and is one of the all time NFL leaders and a Walter Payton Man of the Year winner. Brees overcame a ton in his career and turned New Orleans from a dumpster fire to a top level franchise. He doesn't crack my top 5 though because even though he was the most accurate QB in history, he never was the best of the best for a period of time, no MVPs and a lot of bad home playoff losses to end his career.

5 - Dan Marino, Marino set the standard for the way the modern QB plays in todays NFL, he showed GMs, coaches, and owners that you can win and dominate with the passing game. When he retired he owned the record book, we all know he would be higher on this list if he had a ring, and that missing ring is why he will continue to fall down this list over time.

4 - Brett Favre, as a die hard Chicago Bears fan it pains me how much I like Brett Favre. Gunslinger in the dictionary is a picture of Favre, he works in every era, and his toughness is legendary. He brought Green Bay back from the trash pile they were in the 1980's and Green Bay has been good ever since. His numbers are better than Elway, Marino, Rodgers, and Young, he is 1/2 in Super Bowls, but his career did become a circus towards the end.

3 - Joe Montana, with a name like Joe Montana you are destined to be a great QB and for about 18 years we did consider Joe the GOAT. Joe could easily be number 2 on this list 4 time Super Bowl Winner, 3 time SB MVP, 2 time MVP,  BUT... he had Jerry Rice, and Joe Walsh. Ok that is enough Joe slander, this dude is all time and if you have him outside the top 3 you're wrong.

2 - Peyton Manning, if you ask me to create a dream NFL team from every player who ever played the game, all while in their prime my starting QB is Peyton Manning. He has the best football mind of any quarterback ever, he is 2/3 in Super Bowls, and has stats that match any QBs ever. Manning and Montana can flip flop between 2 and 3 spots all you want, its preference, BUT they are alone in the second tier, tier 3 is Favre, Marino, Brees, Rodgers, Unitas, and others, tier 2 is Manning and Montana alone.

1 - Tom Brady, he is tier 1, and tier one alone. 7 Super Bowl wins, and he isn't done yet.

Who is in the right spots? Who is in the wrong spots? What does your top 10 look like?

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