Out of the 1,369 cities in Illinois, 10 of them have been ranked as the most dangerous for 2022.

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This is a lit no town wants to be on, but unfortunlety there are 10 towns that ranked high in crime over the past year. We can have a little comfort in knowing that no local towns/cities are on the list in the Tri-States.

Overall, these are somewhat bigger areas in Illinois which we should all be aware of. Remember, this data is based on per capita so even though there may be small towns/cities higher on the ranking it's all based on population. Housegrail places towns are the most dangerous for 2022.

#10 Chicago

As of 2022, Chicago's population is over 2 million, and the murder rate was 492. Crime is a BIG issue in Chicago having both violent and non-violent crimes daily.

#9 Champaign

Population 88,302 and only two murders. The town has a high poverty rate and low income all contribute to the reasons why crime has grown in Champaign.

#8 Joliet

Joliet is home to both an Illinois Youth Center and a state prison. The town has a population of 150,362 and a murder rate of 18. Back in 2018 and 2019 assault offenses, grew by over 300 from the year before.

#7 Danville

With a popular ion of 29,204 and a murder rate of seven, Danville comes in at number seven.

#6 Peoria

Surrounded by several farming lands, Peoria's main challenge is a high poverty rate and lower household income. It has a population of 113,150 and a murder rate of 25.

#5 Decatur

Located in the center of the state, Decatur has a population of 70,522 and a murder rate of 11.

#4 Bloomington

Crime actually has declined over the years in Bloomington, but a slight rise in assaults lands this town on the list.

#3 Aurora

Being the second-largest city in the state with a population of 180,542 and a murder rate of 12 land Aurora at number three on the list. By the way...I had no idea Aurora was bigger than Springfield.

#2 Springfield

Assaults, burglaries, and thefts are extremely high in Springfield. With a population of 114,394 and a murder rate of nine, the city comes in at number two on the list.

#1 Rockford

Well, some town had to take the number one spot and it's Rockford. Rockford has a population of 148,655 and a murder rate of 14.

Again, this is a list of something the Tri-State area could be proud of not being on.

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