After a week of their stolen dog missing an Illinois couple is happy once again to have their pup back at home.

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Tess the Goldendoodle was stolen after she was in the SUV that was stolen from the couple. The SUV was later found in Nashville, but that dog was not in the SUV. After countless hours of traveling to Nashville to try and find their believed Goldendoodle, the  Tess was located in an Alabama Humane Society Shelter. To say that both Tess and her owners were happy to see each other again is an understatement.

The couple was found by the chip that Tess has to help ID her if lost. This story is a reminder to have your animals microchipped just in case they become lost. Being microchipped helps them locate their families faster. It doesn't just cost much to have your dog or cat chipped, and comes in handy if anything should happen to them. You can have your dog or cat chipped at any veteran clinic in Quincy or the surrounding era.

This story has a happy ending with Tess finding her family again, but there are a lot of families out there that don't get happy endings. Microchipping is safe and cost-effective and will ease your mind knowing that your beloved four-legged friend can lead back to you.

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