It's not October. but year round people from all over visit this Illinois town. Once a highly populated and successful town has now been almost deserted and abandoned.

Crime, people moving, and lack of employment opportunities have Cairo, Illinois becoming a ghost town. According to Love Exploring, it's one of the series in the nation. They say,

Today, a walk through the main street is eerily quiet with most buildings boarded up and businesses shut.

It's so sad to see a town that was a booming Mississippi River port town turn into what it is today. It is the crime that has taken over in this town. Best Places puts Cario about the national average for crime. When a town has violet crime rates over 20% and a poverty right over 80% there's just no one a town can surieve that. People need to work to survive and so they leave and one of the reasons Cario is the fastest-coming ghost town in Illinois.

 When the shipping and ferrying industries declined, jobs grew scarce, leaving the downtown area abandoned.


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In the 2000 census about 2,800 people were living in Cario I can only imagine that number has dropped significantly in the last few years. Seems like this town is too far gone to even try and repair the residents to come and live and work. Without jobs and security, no one will ever want to live in a town like that. At least not me.

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