The popular department store Bergner's, which has been closing locations for much of 2018, is seeing some light. An independent company recently purchased the Bon-Ton name and has stated that they will be "re-building the business brick by brick."

Jordan Voloshin, the new President of Bon-Ton, posted a letter on the Bergner's website saying why he wanted to save the Bon-Ton name.

"We were inspired by the opportunity to rebuild an American Icon...The love from customers...A competent and loyal workforce."

As of right now, you can only shop at Bergner's online, but Voloshin is hopeful that customers will one day be able to shop in stores once more. The new Bergner's name is being re-branded as The Modern Department Store. The new president is also rolling out a new feature called Buy it now, pay over time, own it forever. The process is simple: shop top brands, get instant approval, order & enjoy, then decide to own it or rent it.

Bergner's in the Quincy Mall closed their doors August 28, two weeks after Sears closed their doors. According to the Bergner's website, they are trying to get their vendors and suppliers back that customers enjoyed buying over the years.

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