Yeah, it's a little cold out there today. Doesn't much change the fact that summer in Quincy is just around the corner...sort of. Here in the Gem City, we ease into summer a little at a time. That being said, one "first day of summer" just doesn't cut it. Instead, I've put together a list of ten:

  • 1

    April 4 - Quincy Raceways Kicks Off 2016 Season

    Getty Images

    I could use a break from political mud-slinging. I’m ready for the real thing. No better place for that than Quincy Raceways in the summer.

  • 2

    April 30 - Dogwood Parade

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    As the trees start blooming, there’s nothing quite like this uniquely-Quincy summer staple on Maine.

  • 3

    May 7 - Farmers Market Opens


    Home to some of the best locally-grown produce around, the Farmers Market runs every Saturday through October in historic Washington Park. Summer is in the air!

  • 4

    May 21 - Bridge the Gap

    Courtesy Quincy Med Group

    Olympic legend Jackie Joyner-Kersee is back for her seventh year as Race Marshal for the annual fundraiser run.

  • 5

    May 26 - Gems Home Opener

    Courtesy Quincy Gems

    Summer in Quincy starts when the Gems say it starts. End of discussion.

  • 6

    May 28 - Indian Mounds Pool Opens


    Now we can’t very well have summer without a pool, right? (RIP Wavering Aquatic Center)

  • 7

    May 29 - Gus Macker Championship

    Jeff Dorsey

    Because shutting down city blocks for a nationwide streetball tournament anytime other than summer would be ludicrous.

  • 8

    June 3 - QPS Summer Vacation Starts


    Wait, June? Really? That seems pretty late. But okay, whatever. Summer vacation is officially in full swing. It's definitely summer now.

  • 9

    June 10 - Blues In The District


    Pack your cooler and dust off the bag chairs. Summer is here and Blues is back, baby!

  • 10

    June 20 - The Actual First Day of Summer


    Seriously? School has ended. Pools are open. Baseball is underway. I have eaten WAY too many hot dogs. And the earth FINALLY decides that summer can start. Sorry, planet, but Quincy says you’re a little late to the block party on this one.