Normally, we agree with the rankings from these experts but this time, they got it wrong. Why did they rank Missouri's best summer destination so low on the list? Here is why we think they disrespected the Show-Me State...

WalletHub released a list of the Best Summer Travel Destinations 2024, and while some people may celebrate being ranked 15th on a list like this, I think the ranking is disrespectful when you consider some of the places ranked above it. WalletHub ranked the Springfield, MO area (aka the Lake of the Ozarks) as the 15th best summer travel destination.

Why is that disrespectful? In my opinion, the Lake of the Ozarks deserves to be ranked in the top 5 or at worst the top 10 when you are talking about summer destinations. The lake, the bars, the entertainment, the resorts, the restaurants, it is the PERFECT summer lake destination!

Which places ranked above the Lake of the Ozarks area do I think should be ranked below the Lake? Let's start with the #1 place on their list...Atlanta...why go to Atlanta in the summer??? It's hot, there is no ocean, lake, or beach of any kind, how is Atlanta above Chicago, let alone the Lake of the Ozarks? Other places I have an issue with include, Austin ranked 6th, El Paso (Texas) ranked 9th, and Cincinnati ranked 10th. To see the full list for yourself, click here!

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What the List SHOULD Look Like

My list of the BEST Summer Travel Destinations looks like this...

1. Chicago

2. Orlando

3. Charleston, SC

4. Lake of the Ozarks

5. Anywhere in Michigan along Lake Michigan

6. The Wisconsin Dells

7. Miami

8. Outer Banks, North Carolina

9. Hawaii

10.  San Diego


What does your list look like?

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