This came up in a conversation last week and was presented to me as a fact. It's the story of a cursed Missouri box that was real and was, in fact, made into a very prominent movie almost a decade ago.

Do you remember a movie called "The Possession" from 2012? I didn't, but it was a major release by Lionsgate that year. It tells the story of a cursed box purchased at a garage sale. I have since learned that box is real and its curse may very well be also.

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Kudos to Fox 2 out of St. Louis who mentioned the Missouri connection to this movie back when "The Possession" was new. The Riverfront Times did a deeper dive into what is known in Missouri as the "Devil's Wine Box".

This container is also known as the Dybbuk box as Exemplore mentioned. They say the box was purchased in 2001 from a 103-year-old Polish woman by Kevin Mannis. After cleaning it, terrible things happened to Kevin and his family with his mother suffering a stroke and letter communicating to him about the "hate gift".

The box was later sold by Kevin on Ebay and numerous others after each suffered torment they believed was connected to the box.

A decade ago, KTVO interviewed one of the guys who eventually ended up with the villainous box.

I have to wonder if people that received the box were looking for bad things to happen and connected things to the box that had no real relevancy. True or not, it's gained enough of a reputation over the past 20 years to have a major motion picture made about it. Not many boxes can make that claim to fame.

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