You raise a ghost right and you think that he or she will learn to behave. That wasn't the case when paranormal investigators visited a Potosi, Missouri church and an entity cursed them.

The Paranormal Task Force traveled to the Haunted Presbyterian Church and Cemetery in Potosi, Missouri. Here's how Terry from the team described what happened.

We investigated the haunted Church and Cemetery where the grave of Austin Moses, the founder of the State of Texas is buried. The ghosts responded to our questions

They asked questions using what is known as a "ghost box" to detect electronic voice phenomena. Wikipedia defines the device as "a radio with a frequency scan mode meant to detect EVPs and communicate with spirits".

When Terry says the ghost answered questions, he wasn't kidding. NOTE: several phrases include profanity. Watch the red light attached to the balcony. It is set to detect motion. It eventually indicates that someone/something is there.

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When they took the investigation into the cemetery, they asked the entity if his wife was buried there, too and it appears the ghost/demon was not amused.

Terry via Vimeo
Terry via Vimeo

Is this really the ghost of someone buried in the Potosi, Missouri cemetery or just a deceiving demon up to no good? That's up to you to decide. I'm suspecting it's that second one. Whoever/whatever this entity is needs to learn some manners and not drop f-bombs for young ears to hear.

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