In a year where we've seen a huge surge of UFO sightings, I have another one you can add to the list. A brand new video share shows dozens of UFO's hovering over Missouri.

There's no specific location given, but we do know it's Missouri based on the video title. Watch this short video showing numerous objects clearly visible over a neighborhood. (NOTE: some NSFW language from whoever is doing the play-by-play)

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I can't begin to tell you what these objects are, hence the UFO reference. However, I can tell what they aren't. Many people have mistakenly thought Starlink satellites were UFO's. When you see a line of lights like this moving at the same rate across the sky, those are Starlink.

You can also likely rule out a weather balloon.

So, what are they? I have no clue, but we do need more information about the exact location and time so we can check flights of military planes and other more conventional explanations instead of jumping to the "E.T., phone home" place.

I've seen lanterns released as a memorial to loved ones lost mistaken for UFO's. Perhaps that's what's going on here. Or, maybe something more sinister is happening here.

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