I honestly have no idea what's going on in this post, this ad for actors. But I love that a guy is looking for demons. Not personal demons. Demon demons. Like... the kind you conjure from a book written in ancient Sumerian. Which is kind of redundant, since Sumer hasn't been a civilization since about 1900 BCE. But I digress. Some dude wants to find demons, and needs your help.

The ad asks for actors and actresses local to the Quincy or Hannibal area, you must be comfortable in front of cameras, and you must be able to work in extreme environments.

They're looking for proof of real demons, and promise not to have fake or rehearsed footage, but then why are they wanting actors? Why actors? If it's supposed to be real, and real footage, searching for real demons, should you just want real people? "Wanted: Average people to hang out for a while and try to find real demons." THAT actually piques my interest. I'm an average person. I could totally join this demon quest! But this provision gives me pause:

"Religious charms, voodoo spells or anything we can find might help protect us. There's one twisted loophole though... any demon or entity has permission to take over, they just have to sign on the dotted line"

So does that mean by signing up, we automatically sign away our bodies to be possessed by a demon? If it's a crossroads demon, can I get the Robert Johnson deal where I get insanely talented at a thing? I'll let the hell hounds come for me, no biggie. What if I already got that anti-possession tattoo like on Supernatural, and it actually works? Not today, Satan!

There are so many questions! I guess I'll just have to respond to the ad and hope for the best.

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