I've been away the past couple of days spending time at the hospital.

It wasn't for me, it was with a family member that went in for some pretty serious surgery.

I will admit, that it has been a few years since I was last around a hospital setting, except to visit an ill relative. It's always different when it involves someone in your immediate family.

Again, I was totally amazed by the obvious advances that have been made, since the last time someone close to me was admitted to the hospital.  The equipment seems to be so much more advanced than just a few years ago. The use of technology in the healthcare community is certainly not lacking, and for good reason.

Even with all of the advances in equipment and techniques, it still comes down to those who work in healthcare.  Those people who pledge themselves to giving their best to their patients, are the deciding factor. I encountered doctors, nurses, techs and even volunteers, who were there putting forth their best efforts for those they were serving.

The human factor of providing good healthcare is sometimes the best remedy of all.


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