Wanna be among the highest paid workers in the state of Missouri?

According to one survey, you might want to look into the healthcare field.

According to the website USAWage.com, seven of the top ten highest paying jobs in the Show-Me State are health related.

The rankings are based on average salary as compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and published last April.

Here are the top ten and their average salary:

1. Family Medicine Physicians - $196,800

2. Other Specialists Dentists - :189,700

3. Nurse Anesthetists - $177,640

4. General Internal Medicine Physicians - :171, 650

5. General Pediatricians - $167,070

6. Chief Executives - $157,430

7. General Dentists - $156,670

8. Judges, Magistrate Judges and Magistrates - $145,310

9. Podiatrists - $141,920

10. Architectural and Engineering Managers - $139,780

Questioning your career choice yet? Me, too.

The survey also listed entry level salaries, which in the top ten ranged from $31,250 for General Dentists to $191,080 for Other Specialists Dentists.

In all, nearly 20 percent of Missouri's top 100 highest paying jobs are in the health care field.

For instance, Pharmacists are 14, Nurse Midwives come in at 20, Optometrists are 21 and Nurse Practitioners are 29.

In case you're wondering which job comes in at the end of the list, the 100th highest paying job in Missouri is Clinical, Counseling and School Psychologists, with an average income of just over $77,000.

So, if you or someone you know is still unsure on a career choice, maybe this list will give you something to think about.

And, FYI, broadcasters and bloggers are nowhere to be found on this list.

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