Being a nurse takes a lot of passion, strength, and dedication, so nurses should look to live in states that make their lives better. Is Missouri a good state to live in and be a nurse? Here is what the experts say...

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WalletHub released a new list called 2023's Best and Worst States for Nurses, and Missouri comes in at 20th on the list. Missouri ranks much higher than some of its neighbors like Arkansas which is 48th on the list, Nebraska which is 44th, and Tennessee which is in 40th place on the list. But how do they determine if you're in a good state for nurses? On the site they say...

"In light of the ongoing challenges faced by nurses, WalletHub took stock of the nursing industry to help registered nurses, particularly new graduates, pick a place to live that will bring success. We did so by comparing the 50 states across 20 key metrics that collectively speak to the nursing-job opportunities in each market."

WalletHub put all of those 20 key metrics into two big categories, Work Environment, and Opportunity & Competition. Missouri ranks just below average in the Work Environment category coming in ranked 26th, but Missouri is ranked 16th in the Opportunity and Competition category. The best state to be a nurse this year is Washington, and the worst state is Hawaii. To see the full list of the best and worst states for nurses click here!

Now we are unique here in the Quincy/Hannibal Tri-State area because if you are a nurse and live in Palmyra, or Quincy, or wherever you could live in one state and work in another. Illinois does rank ahead of Missouri on this list coming in 15th overall, but Missouri ranks ahead of Iowa which is 24th on the list, overall you are in pretty good shape working as a nurse here in the Tri-States according to WalletHub.

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