There are certain things that set our area apart from all others. Here are ten things you'll probably recognize if you're from Northeast Missouri.

Ralls County Courthouse, New London, Missouri
Breahnna Parsons

You feel ripped off if you go to a fair and admission is more than 50 cents.

The first time you ever heard the term “sesquicentennial” was when the Ralls County Courthouse turned 150.

You keep an eye out for Momo every time you go through Louisiana.

In your kitchen cabinet is a stack of white, plastic Hannibal Pirate cups from multiple years' worth of trips to the Fourth of July lemonade stand.

You have watched someone you know become enraged because more than one town scheduled their City Wide Garage Sale on the same day.

You never thought New London Park Days would go back to the courthouse lawn, and you haven't missed it since it did.

You have received a Bids for Bargains gift certificate in a Christmas card, birthday card, or Easter basket (or all three).

You have counted the number of deer you saw between home and the Clark 54 Drive-In.

You have had to wrangle a live rabbit, or try to get a goldfish home without spilling him, because your kids won a game at the Marion County Fair.

You've gone into the Mark Twain Dinette for a maid-rite, and left with a gallon of root beer.

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