Hannibal, Missouri is known as America's Hometown. For some of us, it really is our hometown. Here are ten signs that you probably grew up in Hannibal ... or have at least spent a good deal of time here.

Kurt Parsons
Kurt Parsons

You can pretty accurately guess how far a frog can jump just by looking at it.

You've wimped out on the steps and taken the road the rest of the way to the lighthouse.

You have been forced by a P.E. teacher, at least once, to run a Super Big Boy.

You wish the carnival was still on Broadway.

You're terrified of Screamin' Johnny.

You have argued with someone over which place has the best tenderloin ... then one of you mentioned "they don't have tenderloins, everywhere."

You've had to explain to someone that the rock portrait they saw when they came across the bridge depicts Mark Twain, not Colonel Sanders.

You've been on vacation, told another vacationer where you're from, and was then asked if you are a cannibal.

You have a relative that has told you, more than a few times, that he used to play in the cave when he was a kid.

You don't need to look at the map to find the booths for chicken and noodles, beer bread, cinnamon rolls, fish sandwiches or apple cider during the Autumn Historic Folklife Festival.

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