Quincy Fire Department

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Santa Claus is making his annual trek to Quincy Mall this weekend...and he's doing it in style (with a little help from the Quincy Fire Department).
Kidde Smoke and CO Alarms Being Recalled
The Quincy Fire Department has received notification regarding a recall of some Kidde Smoke and Kidde Combination Smoke and CO Alarms. There has been a recall of the Kidde products based on testing that shows that some of the units sold will not alert consumers of a fire or a CO incident following a…
The Quincy Fire Department Red Wreaths Need to Remain Red
The Quincy Fire Department has placed wreaths with red lights on them at all of their firehouses around the city of Quincy. The idea is to have nothing but red lights on the wreath which would mean a fire free Christmas season for homes in the city. Any home fires that occur would cause the Fire Dep…

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