Six Flags St. Louis does awesome stuff for Halloween. I love Fright Fest, and it was really cool when they came up a few years back to do some zombie make-up on me. But this may be a step too far into terrifying, and may ultimately not be worth it, once you crunch the numbers.

Six Flags St. Louis is offering up $300 to anyone who can spend 30 straight hours in a coffin. You do get bathroom breaks, and you can have your phone on you. But you have to spend an entire 30 hour chunk (aside from aforementioned bathroom breaks) inside a coffin. So if that's not triggering your taphophobia, I don't know what will.

What's interesting is you get to bring a guest, a friend to keep you company. Unfortunately, a) they can't join you in the coffin and b) they have to leave when the park closes. But you won't be totally alone during the night time. You've got the other coffin dwellers, and Fright Fest cast members to hang out with. Though I don't know how chatty the Fright Fest Freaks will be, what with the whole "Trying to scare you out of your coffin" thing. Let's just hope it doesn't end up like that 2010 Ryan Reynold's movie Buried, about a man who's (Spoiler Alert) buried alive.

And what do you get at the end of this ordeal? Any and all participants who last the full 30 hours will get two 2019 Gold Season Passes, a Fright Fest VIP Package with two Haunted House tickets, two tickets on the Freak Train, and you get to keep the coffin. So maybe avoid going to the bathroom in it. If you are the lone survivor, you'll get $300. If there are multiple people left at the end of the 30 hours, there will be a drawing for the $300.

I mean... I guess they're all cool prizes, especially if you get to keep the coffin. But if you win the $300, that's $10 per hour, and that's IF you win it. It's almost not worth it. Almost. Perhaps. I'm considering applying. I'm a heavy sleeper, so I think I could last.

If you'd like to sign up to be one of the six (get it? cause it's Six Flags), head to the Fright Fest website. You have until midnight, October 3rd to sign up.

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