Six Flags

Win Six Flags Tickets!
Summer has arrived, now lets have some fun!
Register below for  your chance to win a pair of Six Flags tickets in St. Louis. You and a guest can try all the favorite rides The Ninja, BATMAN The Ride, Boomerang, Colossus, and more. Plus, check out the new ride this summer Supergirl's He…
We Get Some Crazy Stuff In The Mail, This Is My Favorite!
Never give toys to radio DJs. They'll waste an entire afternoon doing this. We're an easily distracted people. But I got to shoot a laser gun all day. So it was fun! Watch the shenanigans below!
Thanks for the distraction, Six Flags! And make sure you check out their new Galactic Attack VR …
Six Flags 'Zombiefied' Brodie!
It's the time of the season (get it? Zombies?) and this morning, Brodie's Halloween obsession reached new heights. He became a zombie. And we got it all on video!
National Roller Coaster Day at Six Flags St. Louis
August 16 will be National Roller Coaster Day, and Six Flags parks across the country will be celebrating in various ways. In St. Louis, a roller coaster marathon from 8 p.m. Friday to 2 a.m. on Saturday is being planned. Can you imagine riding roller coasters for six hours?
What’s the Most Fun Thing to Do at Six Flags St. Louis?
Now that spring has sprung, we're all looking forward to getting out and enjoying ourselves. Some of us are also planning our summer vacations. It's been a few years since my family made a trip to Six Flags St. Louis, and we're thinking that it might have to be on the agenda for 2013.…
Enter Here For Your Chance To Win Six Flags Tickets!
KICK-FM is giving you a chance to go to Six Flags...for FREE! Over the next week or so, we'll give away a dozen pairs of tickets to Six Flags! As always, we try to make it easy for you. So, all you need to do is enter some brief information below. We'll go to daily and draw …

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