We all strive to be happy and one of the things that make us happy is where we live, but a new ranking came out recently and Missouri doesn't seem to rank high in being a happy state.

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The ultimate goal in life is to love and be happy where you live and if you're looking for that Missouri may not be your state, A new ranking came out recently and two Missouri cities rank pretty love on the List. St. Louis ranked 155, Springfield ranked 153, and Kansas City ranked 147. I know I was pretty surprised too, so why is Missouri ranking so low?

Source: WalletHub

Well, according to Wallethub, the cities rank low in emotional and physical well-being, income and employment, and community & environment. We all know that St. Louis always lands on the most dangerous cities list with crime increasing every year it seems, but not happy? I am always excited and happy when I visit any of these cities. OK, I may not live there, but I still am happy when I visit.

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So where will you be happy the most? Look like you're going to the west coast in California. Fremont and San Jose take the top two spots of happiest cities in the nation.

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