You would think Masseschustes is ranked number 1 in Halloween decorations, but nope it's not even in the top 10, but Illinois is.

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According to, coming in at number two, Illinois is considered the state with the most Halloween decorations, and Masseschuests comes in at number seventeen. I mean, they have the Salem Witch Trials and yet they come in at number seventeen out of fifty states. Totally surprised me, but what surprised me, even more, is that Utah came in at number one and Illinois checking in at number two. Iowa, Minnesota, and Mississippi are least interested in decorating.

The most popular decoration that Illinoians use is the scarecrow (which makes sense with all the crop fields). Iowa's most popular decorations are corn stalks (again, makes sense) and Missouri skeletons. So, as you're getting ready to decorate for the Halloween season, you might want to invest in some scarecrows, skeletons, and corn stalks for your home. The top five Halloween decorations are the skeleton, pumpkin, spider, witch, and bat. On average a homeowner will spend about $145 every Halloween on decorations.

I have been driving around already looking at the houses that are already decorated and I am really jealous, some of these houses look amazing, and probably one of the main reasons I don't decorate for Halloween, I just don't know-how. And, let's be honest, the little things scare me I don't want to be walking by or in my house and scream or jump every time a motion-detector Halloween decoration goes off. It would not last long as I would probably take a baseball bat to it to destroy the decorations. I hate being scared.

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