It's been the bane of everyone's commutes all summer long, but we're in what appears to be the home stretch of the massive reconstruction project going on Maine Street between 12th and 14th streets. The project is expected to finish by the end of next week, exactly one week from today, and by the looks of things, they should be on track for an on-time completion.

Ever since the road closure was announced back in May, I've loathed driving most places, as the construction comes between me and work, me and my girlfriend, and me and the movie theatres. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're doing it. That stretch of road was garbage. And a huge project like replacing sewer lines, repaving, and fixing problems with the stoplights, that's a huge undertaking.

But I'll be glad when it's over. I just want to turn right out of my apartment building. Or if I walk... eh, that's no big deal, I just mosey on through the construction zone. It's 5am, there's no one around. There's something oddly calming about walking straight down the middle of a closed off road.

Anyway, I snapped some photos so you can see it ALMOST done. Some are from 2 weeks ago, some are from yesterday. I'll indicate which are which.

Maine from 12th to 14th

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