Now that Quincy Public schools are officially out for the summer, it's time to start working on those roads near the school, and this summer they'll be redoing a whole stretch of garbage roadway right in front of Quincy Junior High. Maine Street from 12th to 14th streets, including the intersections, will be closed starting at 6:00am May 31st, and closed through August 17th.

Maine Street Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

This will allow them to work on the water and sewer systems, as well as repair the gutters and road surface, and upgrade the intersections. I'm definitely hoping they update the stoplights, because those lights are old and faded, can be difficult to see, and they whole system is just awful for such a busy intersection. I live a block and a half away, so I'm quite familiar with how terrible that intersection is. I am curious about foot traffic through that area though... that's my walking route to and from work.

Maybe I'll just follow the bus routes. Yep, the bus route will be affected by this, as there are at least three bus stops in the very near vicinity of this road maintenance. According to KHQA, the Yellow Line will be affected. If you're heading east, you'll be going down 10th to York, to 16th, then back to Maine. If you're heading west, the bus will turn north to Hampshire, then take Hampshire to 8th street. You'll want to be on the north side of Hampshire for access to the bus.

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