If you are looking for a spectacular outdoor wedding you may not have to look far away from home, St. Louis was named one of the best outdoor wedding cities in the US, and here is why...

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According to 2023's Best Cities for Outdoor Weddings from lawnlove.com, St. Louis, Missouri is the 14th best city in the US for having an outdoor wedding! Some of the cities that rank higher on the list include Charleston (South Carolina), Orlando, Miami, Pasadena (California), Las Vegas, and New Orleans, so why does Missouri land so high on the list? On the site they say...

"With the outdoor wedding season finally here, Lawn Love compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on eight categories. We looked at the quality of outdoor wedding venues, access to wedding planners, and sunshine, among 36 total metrics."

St. Louis is ranked 5th for Venue Access, 18th for Venue Quality, 10th for Accommodations, and 76th for Affordability, the only category where St. Louis really struggles is Climate ranking 187th. Some other Missouri cities make the list including Springfield in 61st and 66th place for Kansas City. To see the full list of cities click here!

Any time you decide to have an outdoor wedding you are risking what the weather will be like, but I would say that Spring through fall in St. Louis would be really nice to have an outdoor wedding. New Orleans and Orlando can be so muggy, and Vegas could be scorching hot. I would rather risk the weather being a little chilly in St. Louis than scorching hot in the southern cities, do you think St. Louis deserves this high ranking?

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