Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to Madison Park last night for the “Say It With #PepsiMoji” concert featuring Southern Halo! We could not have asked for a better crowd or a better headliner in Southern Halo!The Mississippi trio of Natalia (19), Christina (17), and Hannah (16) rocked out to everything from Alabama to Guns ‘n Roses along with their smokin’ originals like “Rewind”, “Little White Dress”, and “I Ain’t Crazy (But My Daddy Is)”.

Oh, and I know it’s not exactly “rock and roll” to say this, but Natalia, Christina, and Hannah are the absolute sweetest and kindest young women in the entire universe. I bet they didn’t even trash their hotel room. In fact, they probably didn’t even steal the shampoo samples. They are that nice.

And I’m not just saying that because they brought Brodie and I cupcakes during their visit to KICK studios (although it helped). They signed every single autograph and granted every single photo request and actually took the time to talk to every single fan who stuck around to say hi.

And when we had a bit of technical difficulties on stage (hey, it happens), they didn’t complain or storm off stage or anything dumb like that. Instead, they did this…

Power outage fire sale! CDs, can coozies, t-shirts, posters…EVERYTHING MUST GO!! Obviously this stuff ain’t gonna be cheap to replace, but this is how you turn people that happened to stop by the park one night into lifelong Southern Halo fans. Well played, ladies!

So thank you again, Southern Halo, for an incredible Quincy show! Have a safe drive back to Cleveland, Mississippi and we hope to see you again soon!

(Oh, and here are some pictures too.)