I have never heard of this museum, but if you love the odd, strange, and fascinating then this is for you.

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The museum is filled with rare sideshow oddities for shows that once were. You can see attractions like weird animals found throughout the country, anatomical wonders, and just strange things. Much like a Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Branson. This sideshow museum is the largest in the state and sits right on Route 66 in St. Robert, Missouri.

Altogether the museum has Tover 100 exhibits, a python, and a two-headed bull shark.

The museum is surrounded by other activities to do like the fudge factory and general store, the space Uranus room, and the moonicorn creamery. You definitely will not be bored making a stop at this place.

This museum is one-of-a-kind and for sure not a boring museum you think of. This is the type of stuff that I could do for hours. Learning about the strange and different. When we took a tour of the Ripley's Museum I think I read almost everything in that museum about the oddities that they had and the history and stories behind each item. Let me tell you, there are some strange and unexplained things in this world and it's fascti9nting to know that there are things out there that we will never understand.

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