Whence it came, Applebee's doth return. I suppose it's a bit lofty to go Shakespearean for cheap drinks at a fast-casual dining experience, but what the heck. Over the past six months, Applebee's has been bribing you into their establishment with promises of cheap drinks and occasionally discounted food stuffs. From Bahama Mamas to Long Island Iced Teas to Blue Moon beers, they've been holding these month long specials going on half a year now.

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Townsquare Media

This April, they'll return to the deal that got it all started last October, the Dollarita. Normally I've been able to track down a press release attached to the drink special, but not this time. Those press releases have usually dropped the first of the month in question, while credit for this discovery belongs to our eagle-eyed DME Ben, who no doubt snapped the picture and thought "Sam would love this." But she's on vacation this week, so I get all the margaritas to myself. We still don't know if this is nationwide or a Quincy exclusive, but either way, time to get our Dollarita on!

And there's still time for the $2 Vodka Lemonades. Don't know why they didn't hold off on the Dollaritas until May... with Cinco de Mayo.

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