Applebee's really wants you drunk. In October it was $1 margaritas. Last month it was $1 Long Island Ice Teas. For January? It's double the cost, but they can't really water this one down, or only go with the cheapest, most bottom shelf booze. It's a $2 glass of Blue Moon Beer.

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Now, for those of you unfamiliar with Blue Moon, it is a Belgian style wheat beer brewed and distributed by MillerCoors/MolsonCoors/SABMiller since 1995. They like to bill it as a craft brew, but it's not. Not any less tasty. Good with a slice of orange. So because it's a big corporate beer, they can probably get away with selling it for cheap. .And since it's Coors, it's probably watered down anyway, so they don't have to water it down further, like they did with their cocktails.

Unfortunately it's not a full pint of Blue Moon for the $2 price point. It's not even a full bottle. It's a a 10oz glass. That's probably a solid deal at a restaurant, but last I checked the grocery store, it was $7.99 a for a six-pack of 12oz. bottles. Do you want to spend eight bucks for 72 ounces of beer? Or do you want to spend $12 for 60 ounces? Simple economics. Order the Applebee's Car Side To Go, swing by the grocery store, grab a sixer, then pick up your food on the way home, you're watching Netflix with an OK burger and a decent beer on the comfort of your own couch and you don't have deal with that weird four year old who's standing up in his seat just staring at you from three booths away. WHAT DO YOU WANT KID?! I'M TRYING TO EAT! YOU'RE WEIRDING ME OUT!

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