It's no secret that tensions are high in our country. We're all on edge. We're all feeling the pressure. We all need an escape. We all need to calm the heck down. Maybe unwind with a drink. And Applebee's has been steadily helping us with that endeavor over the past several months.

Scott Olson via Getty Images

In October, if you remember, they offered DOLLARITAS! Margarita's for only $1. In December, they LIT it up with Dollar Long Island Teas for Christmas, and then just last month it was $2 for a 10oz. glass of Blue Moon beer. They had to raise the price a bit, since they can't water down a beer.

Now they're sliding into February with DOLLARMAMAS! Bahama Mamas, for just a dollar. In case you didn't catch their subtle word play. A Bahama Mama is a rum cocktail with pineapple, orange and lime juices, and a dash of coconut and cherry flavorings. It's like a tropical vacation in a frosted glass!

As an avowed rum drinker, I'm sure I'll be found passed out on an Applebee's bar stool come February 28th, ready to go for whatever whiskey concoction they put on $1 special for March, since it's St. Patrick's Month.

I wonder when they'll do Mojitos?! Those are worth turning up for.


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