There will be a new, fun shoppe to get ice cream here in Quincy...and it looks amazing!

Over the weekend while back to school shopping, I saw a sign for a new ice cream shoppe inside Quincy Mall near the Pepsi play area. According to the sign, "Spi-Rolls" will be coming soon to the Quincy Mall. I'm not sure when they'll be opening as it looks like they haven't yet begun renovations, but I hope it will be soon.

I couldn't find anything about "Spi-Rolls" specifically online, but I found plenty of "fresh rolled ice cream" demonstrations. Basically it's flattened ice cream that is rolled out onto a cold slap and then curled into a roll. I've only ever seen the fad on Instagram and The Food Network, but it does look pretty cool. I assume the Spi-Rolls will be something like this...

...and if so, I'm TOTALLY in!

This is good news for the Quincy Mall--especially since Bergner's is closing soon and Sears is closing even sooner (August 12). Spi-Rolls is among several businesses that have opened in the mall recently and I am looking forward to having a new place to get ice cream. We will keep you updated as details are released.