It's no secret, at least around the radio station, that Mr. Holliday and I are both in love with American muscle cars.

Oh sure, we have our personal favorites, but if someone were to magically "gift" each of us with one, (taxes and insurance paid) we wouldn't squawk too much about which one it would be.

I was checking out the online version of "Forbes Magazine," (which is pretty funny when you think about it - I'm the guy without money...should have started reading Forbes years ago) and saw their list of, "The Fastest Cars Under $50,000."

I was glad to see that the top five picks are American made.  It's awesome to be living in an age of modern muscle cars, like Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers.

Is 50 K a lot of money? To most of us, you bet it is. But somehow, a performance car under 50 thou, seems almost attainable.  Almost.  I will admit, that I have seen several of these cars quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) cruising around the Hannibal and Quincy areas. Lucky people, indeed.

Doubt it will happen,  but even Doc and I can dream about owning one of these sweet rides.

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