I was surprised t how many movies have been filmed in Missouri, but the most shocking part is one of the most iconic locations is a short drive from the Tri-States.

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Films like "Gone Girl," (filmed in Cape Girardeau) "Up in the Air," (filmed in St. Louis), and even "Planes, Trains and Automobiles," (filmed at STL Lambert Airport) all have had iconic locations in Missouri. However, there is one location that has the most film credits...Busch Stadium. Hawaiian Islands put together a list of the most filmed locations in the US and Busch Stadium is number one in Missouri,

Now, they don't tell us how many times Busch was used in films, but there was one major baseball movie where the stadium came in handy. "Eight Men Out" which was filmed in 1988 an inside look at the famous White Sox scandal.

How Did the Experts Get Their List?

The website took data from IMDB and made a list by categorizing the top locations by state, type, and genre to get their ranking.

Fun Facts

Giffith Park in LA is the most credited location with over 390, Pearl Harbor is Hawaii's top location with 17 credits, and Union Station in LA has more credits that the White House. This would make sense considering most White House scenes are probably done on a sound stage or something like that.

I always imagined the St. Louis Arch as the most filmed location, but once again I have been proven wrong.

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