When you think of any attraction in Missouri I'm sure your brain goes to the Gateway Arch, the St. Louis Zoo, or the Art Museum in Kansas City. However, the oldest attraction in Missouri is not so much a thing but a place.

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield is the oldest attraction in Missouri according to Reader's Digest. It's where the first Civil War Battle West of the Mississippi River occurred. Sadly, it's also the site of the death of National Lyon, the first Union general killed in action.

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The attraction is open daily and has a five-mile loop with eight significant stops along the route to learn about the battle that took place. There are also reenactments and the firing of cannons so visitors can fully understand what took place back in 1861.

I know that this place may not be filled with roller coasters and water rides that most families like doing in the summer. But, if you're a history buff like I am, and enjoy learning more about the Civil way this might be a cool place to take your kids to teach that all about our country's history.

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