Well... Jersey Shore was a dumb thing that dumb people put on dumb TV for a while. Then they took it to the Gulf with Floribama Shore. Now they're bringing it to the Ozarks. And they want YOU.

Well... maybe not specifically you. But if you're at least 21 years of age, presumably objectively sexy and/or hot, and like to party, the Jersey Shore producers want to send you down to the infamous Party Cove, load you up with cheap booze, and let the cameras roll on your shenanigans. Their exact words were "most interesting, craziest, hottest, loudest 21+ SUMMER VACATIONERS." (all caps on the last one is theirs).

Party Cove
via Google Maps

Party Cove is officially called Anderson Hollow Cove, but has garnered a reputation for raucous parties, wild behavior, and public sex acts. Not exactly the most family friendly spot in the state.

If you have no problem bringing great shame upon your family, and sullying your blood line for generations to come, you can fill out an application to be on this show here. Some of the questions on the application are "What's your best physical asset?" or "Tell us your wildest party story" and "What are your pick-up tactics?"

I can only assume this will be like a reality version that Jason Bateman Netflix show Ozark, but with less murder and slightly more illicit drugs.

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