Answering the age old question of "How much spaghetti could you fit in a bucket?" a new Hannibal restaurant has found out. It's a lot. Enough to serve about eight people, plus garlic bread.

The appropriately named "The Spaghetti Bucket" opened up on Hannibal's Market Street this weekend, and they want to make sure everyone gets some delicious delicious spaghetti, even if they have to deliver it in bucket form. You could just order a single serving bowl, or "decorative bucket'" of spaghetti, but that only feeds you. You want to feed the whole family. THEN ORDER A WHOLE DAMN BUCKET! That's right, fried chicken, step aside! You're tyrannical reign over bucket based food conveyance is over! A small bucket of spaghetti feeds four to six people, the large bucket feeding up to eight people.

But that's not all, you also get a whole loaf of bread with the large bucket, half loaf with the small bucket. You even get to choose if you want the plain, garlic or cheese. They opened on Saturday, but I can't seem to find them on Facebook, save for this picture of the menu. You can give them a call at 822-9779 and make your order, they'll even deliver.

This is a food challenge waiting to happen...

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