While not as earth shattering as the great Back to the Future vs. Goonies Debate of 2017, this one is just as important, mostly because it's not entirely a matter of opinion, but a matter of actual, verifiable fact. And the fact of the matter is... Sam's wrong. Barbecuing and grilling are NOT the same thing. Barbecuing and smoking are not the same thing (though they're more similar than BBQ and Grill). Similar processes. Similar tools. But not the same things. Take a listen to how things went down in the 9am hour this morning.

Barbecuing is long-term cooking over low heat, grilling is short term cooking over high heat. It's a key difference. Smoking is even more different, but that's not important right now. This was all spawned by us discussing the upcoming BBQ Blast at St. Johns.

I pleaded on-air for a professional from Riverside or Rebel Pig to help me out, but they must all have been tending to their ribs or whatever, because all we got was Maria. And while generally I'm thankful and appreciative of our callers, she sided with Sam, and is not a BBQ professional.

Barbecuing and Grilling are NOT the same thing. No matter what Sam says.

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