The iconic Missouri Sandwich was created in St. Louis, and to be honest I have NEVER heard of it.

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Let me paint a picture for you. Think of two slices of white bread, add in dill pickle slices, white onion, mayonnaise, and lettuce, and for the main part add an egg foo young patty. The sandwich is called the St. Paul Sandwich and was named Missouri's Iconic Sandwich in the entire state. Think you might like to try this; well, you can find it in most Chinese-American restaurants in the St. Louis area. From the picture, it really does not look appetizing at all. I am sure those who like it rave about the sandwich, but it just likes like a hamburger on regular bread.

Now, I can’t say if this taste good or bad, but I am will) the next time I am in St. Louis) to give the sandwich a try. However, much like Illinois, there are so many more Missouri favorites that could've been the 'Most Iconic.' They could've used a BLT, Italian Sandwich, Breaded Pork Tenderloin, and the list goes on.

Much like the Illinois Iconic Sandwich, I think Orbitz got this one wrong again. Now, I know you can't judge a book by its cover, so I can't say that this isn't the best sandwich, but an iconic sandwich, that's a different story.

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