Lead was king back in the late 1800s and when it was discovered in a cave in Missouri large tunnels were dug to collect the lead, However, after the tunnels flooded the cave become used for something else.

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The Terre Mines in Bonne Terre Missouri was (no pun intended) a gold mine for many back in the 180ss when lead was discovered. Million and millions of dollars were invested by companies to dig tunnels and machines to collect the lead for close to 100 years. However, that all changed in the early 1960s when water was struck and everything was lost. Including the machinery used to collect the lead.

So What Are the Mines Used for Now?

It's a huge tourist attraction for Bonne Terre, because of the flooding that actually worked in the favor of the town., It allowed for people from all over to dive and explore a Missouri cave. It's known as the most unique diving experience in the world.

Piercing lights have been installed throughout the caverns illuminating over 100 feet into the waters. Across 24 different diving paths covering 17 miles of subterranean rooms, visitors can swim through the grand arches and towering drowned chambers and check out the rusting equipment still at the bottom of the “Billion Gallon Lake.”

Not a diver? Yeah, me either. There are also walking tours and boat tours to explore portions of the mine. If you don't have an opportunity to dive check out this video I found. I wish I could experience this with my own eyes.

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