Does it seem you've been paying more and more when you go out to eat? Well, you are, and there is one fast-food chain that is soaring above all the other fast-food restaurants.

the most expensive

I like going to Wendy's' but it's been a while since I visited. The restaurants have increased their prices, but you have to wonder, is it their fault? With the rise in gas, food costs, and employment they have to make up the difference somewhere and unfortunately for us, it's the customer that has to pay for it. Literally!

Now, every place that I have been to lately seems to have increased prices it's not just Wendy's, but for another year they are the most expensive.

There are 107 locations of the fast food giant and it doesn't look like they are going anywhere anytime soon. People seem to love their food options (which are delicious) and not care about the price of everything.

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To combat these price increases announced this year (to start in 2025) Wendy's will be implementing a new "dynamic pricing" program. Which breaks down to lowering prices during non-business hours. So you might see people either eating a late lunch or early dinner.

Will this work?

Who knows. But Wendy's seems to be the only fast food chain trying to help customers combat the high prices of food. These chains see that people are not coming to their restaurants as much as everyone is trying to inch pennies, so I'll give it the Wendy's to try this. Guess we will see if the other chains will come up with something or just follow in Wendy's footsteps.

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