Missouri set a record on the roadways in 2023 that it should not be proud of...How can the state turn it around in 2024?

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According to an article from KY3, the state of Missouri had its worst year ever for motorcycle crashes, in 2023 there were 175 people killed in motorcycle accidents. In the article, they go on to say...

"While overall roadway fatalities were down, motorcyclist fatalities have never been higher. Preliminary numbers indicate that 175 motorcyclists were killed on Missouri roadways in 2023, a 14% increase over the previous year (153 fatalities). This is the highest number of motorcyclist fatalities ever reported in Missouri and almost 50% higher than the average number of motorcyclist fatalities before the repeal of Missouri’s all-rider helmet law in 2020. Safety professionals cite the lack of helmet use as a significant contributing factor to the increase."

There is good news for the Show-Me State, overall fatalities on the roadways were down in 2023, the article mentions that there was a 6% decrease in total fatalities from 2022 to 2023, to read more about these roadway statistics, click here!

Start seeing motorcycles

Obviously, if you are riding a motorcycle and are not wearing a helmet that is a huge factor in why fatalities are going up. But, it is important for all drivers to put their phones down and make sure they are paying attention and looking for motorcycles. A 14% increase in fatalities is not a rounding error, that is a clear indication that behaviors need to change and that falls on drivers and motorcyclists to pay attention and wear the proper safety gear.

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